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One can indicate the difference between different data structures by comparing them to the “Big-5” personality traits. One could, for example, use the “Big-5” model to devise a ranking of the data structures listed in the table. A simple way to rank the data structures from the top to the bottom is as follows: 1. `TreeMap` (a value-oriented data structure, which can be queried in constant time) 2. `NavigableMap` (a generic interface, which has an additional method `lowerEntry` that returns a lower key , but is otherwise the same) 3. `NavigableSet` (a non-empty set of values, comparable to a `Set` but also has a similar method `headSet` that returns the element that  is equal to the highest value or `tailSet` that returns the element that  is equal to the lowest value) 4. `NavigableBag` (a non-empty bag of keys , comparable to a `Bag` but also has a method `headBag` that returns the element that is equal to the  highest value) 5. `Map` (a non-empty map , comparable to a `Map` but also has a method `headMap` that returns the element that  is equal to the highest value) The above method is overly simplistic, since the data structures can be further subdivided, for example into `TreeMap`, `TreeMap`, `NavigableMap`, `NavigableMap`, `NavigableSet` and `NavigableSet`. A more subtle, but more instructive, way to compare the data structures would be to compare the interfaces they implement and determine which of the interfaces have the same functionality. The above comparison of data structures using the “Big-5” personality traits  is based on the interface of the data structures. The method of comparison using the same functionality is shown in the following table: Note the similarity of the `NavigableMap` and `TreeMap` interfaces, and the differences between the other data structures. In conclusion, the data structures are quite similar to the “Big-5” model personality traits in their  responses to the question “What is a difference between my  and their




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